Development Bureau’s Determination for Construction Safety

The Development Bureau is almost finished with the first phase of the “safe and smart construction site system” by implementing smart safety systems in eight different engineering constructs as trials. Notable usages of smart safety systems include using virtual reality to simulate site incidents and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to monitor construction workers. According to the Development Bureau, these technologies have been successfully improving the safety of the site.  

The Development Bureau is ready to proceed with the second phase, which requires every engineering project starting early next year with HKD 30 million or more to have a smart site safety system. In addition, private construction companies that adopt similar smart systems in their project will receive subsidies from Construction Industry Council (CIC). These new regulations show that the Government is pushing to improve site safety. Since July 2022, CIC has reported at least seven workers died due to accidents on-site. Hence, the bureau hopes to see zero accidents on-site by implementing these technologies.  

Envisioning Smart Construction Site with AutoSafe.

Hence, there is a huge demand for competent smart site safety systems for future projects in Hong Kong. AutoSafe is here to fill that demand. We provide comprehensive smart safety site monitoring with minimal human interaction. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) is trained specifically for construction sites to monitor construction workers and prevent unsafe behaviors on-site. Our interactive dashboard provides one-stop smart site monitoring that is accessible from anywhere. Our goal is simple, to protect the construction workers and raise their safety awareness in the long term. AutoSafe is here to ensure safety in your projects.  

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