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Leveraging on years of research & industry experience of our team, we are solving the major pain point of the industry.
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Our Story

Construction is the industry with the highest number of fatal work injuries. At AutoSafe, we believe that safety should be of paramount importance.

AutoSafe Ltd was founded in 2021 by Professor, PhD, MPhil students from the Civil Engineering industry.

Our vision is to “automate safety” on site.

Seeing the inefficiency in current human intensive on-site supervision, we want to develop a system that can help our clients to monitor site safety more efficiently.

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Meet our Team


Co-Founder, CEO

Co-Founder, CEO

▶︎ In depth on-site and safety related experience

▶︎ Expert in Computer Vision in Safety & Construction, innovation technologies.

▶︎ Bachelor and MPhil holder in Civil Engineering from HKUST

Dr Alexander ZHOU

Co-Founder, COO

Alexander ZHOU
Co-Founder, COO

▶︎ Chartered Engineer, serial entrepreneur in ConTech & PropTech, business development in APAC & Europe

▶︎ Expert in construction management, technological innovation

▶︎ PhD in Technology Innovation & Management from Imperial College London

Dr Peter WONG

Co-Founder, CRO

Peter WONG
Co-Founder, CRO

▶︎ Top journals (CACAIE, AutoCon, AEI) publications about Computer Vision for Infrastructure & Construction

▶︎ Technical and managerial experience in industry research projects

▶︎ Bachelor and PhD holder in Civil Engineering from HKUST

Matthew CHUI


Matthew CHUI

▶︎ MBA

▶︎ Serial entrepreneur in FinTech & IT business

▶︎ More than 25 years in the IT industry

▶︎ Regional experience in IT, E-commerce and Logistics

Professor Jack CHENG

Co-Founder, Advisor

Professor Jack CHENG
Co-Founder, Advisor

▶︎ Professor and Associate Head of Dept of Civil & Env. Eng.
▶︎ Board of the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council (CIC) Safety Committee; Director of the Hong Kong Green Building Council
▶︎ Director of BIM Lab, RFID Center, Associate Director of the GREAT Smart Cities Institute (HKUST)
▶︎ PhD holder from Stanford University, MPhil holder from HKUST


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Enriched and discriminative convolutional neural network features for pedestrian re-identification


Construction site safety compliance monitoring enriched by multi-camera worker re-identification

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