How to Calculate Your Rest Time during a Heat Stress Warning?

The Labour Department has recently introduced a new system to help employers and employees better understand the level of heat stress they may experience while working outdoors or in indoor environments without air conditioning. This system is color-coded with Amber (High), Red (Very High), and Black (Extremely High) warnings, indicating the severity of heat stress employees may face.

The color-coded warnings are as follows:

🟡 Amber (High): This indicates a high level of heat stress. It serves as a reminder to take precautions and implement necessary measures to prevent heat-related illnesses.

🔴 Red (Very High): This warns of a very high level of heat stress. Extra care and preventive actions should be taken to ensure the well-being of employees in these conditions.

⚫ Black (Extremely High): This signifies an extremely high level of heat stress. It is crucial to prioritize the safety and health of workers by implementing comprehensive measures to prevent heat-related incidents.

We hope to help workers familiarize themselves with the recommended Rest Time during the Heat Stress Warning, so we are excited to share with you a simple infographic that will help you calculate your rest time.

Follow these clear instructions to make the most of it:

1️) Check the current warning issued by the Labour Department. Determine if it is an Amber (High), Red (Very High), or Black (Extremely High) warning.

2️) Assess the level of your physical workload.

3️) Look at the infographic and find the intersection of the warning color and your physical workload level. The infographic will highlight the recommended rest time for you.

4️) If necessary, answer the “rest time adjustment” questions provided in the infographic. These questions will help you identify any additional adjustments based on your circumstances. Highlight the adjustment time accordingly.

5️) Finally, add up the recommended rest time and any adjustment time you have identified. This will give you your total rest time.

By following these clear steps and using our infographic, you can easily calculate the rest time you need to stay safe and healthy during heat-stress situations.

Remember, it is crucial to prioritize your well-being and take appropriate rest breaks to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Download our infographic and save it on your phone for quick and easy reference.

Save and share it with your network!

Let’s work together to prevent heat-related risks and ensure the safety of all employees.

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