CIC Released CIC Beginner’s Guide on Construction Digitalisation

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has been actively promoting SMART construction. One of the crucial components of SMART construction is digitalization. Digitalization allows contractors, designers, and developers to improve productivity and safety with new technologies. To promote digitalization in construction, especially for Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs), CIC published three guidelines for “CIC Beginner’s Guides on Construction Digitalisation” which are: 

  1. CIC Beginner’s Guide on Construction Digitalisation – Adoption of BIM in Small and Medium Enterprises. This guide highlights the benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the tools and training courses needed to adopt BIM. 
  2. CIC Beginner’s Guide on Construction Digitalisation – Adoption of Common Data Environment (CDE) for Information Management using BIM. This guide focuses on introducing CDE as a standard data environment and facilitates clients, lead consultants, and contractors to select and adopt the appropriate CDE for the projects. 
  3. CIC Beginner’s Guide on Construction Digitalisation – Smart Site Digital Platform. This guide focuses on smart site monitoring systems that allow progress tracking, safety monitoring, and comprehensive site viewing in real time with digital platforms. 

CIC also held a webinar to introduce the guidelines on Tuesday, 22 November 2022. AutoSafe’s advisor, Professor Jack Cheng took part in introducing the features of the Smart Site Digital Platform guide. In the webinar, it is explained that one of the key features of a smart site digital platform is safety monitoring. 

Link to the guidelines: 


AutoSafe: One-stop Smart Site Digital Platform 

AutoSafe is actively taking part in the digital transformation of the construction industry. We provide a one-stop smart site digital platform that can provide real-time site monitoring from mobile devices. Our solution is striving to provide safety for our construction workers and improve the production quality of the construction industry! 

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