HKUST Start-up Showcase 2022

It is an honor for AutoSafe to attend HKUST Start-up Showcase 2022 on 30th June. The event was hosted by the Office of Knowledge Transfer (OKT) of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). A total of 26 start-ups were invited to this event, each with their brilliant innovations. We delivered a 5-minute pitch and set up a booth for the event. It was an exciting opportunity for AutoSafe to share our ideas and learn from fellow start-ups during the networking event.

We were also honored to meet the President of HKUST, Prof. Wei Shyy, the Vice President of Research and Development, Prof. Tim Kwang Ting Cheng, the Chairperson of the Knowledge Transfer Committee of the Council, Ms. Cally Chan, and also representatives from OKT: Dr. Shin Cheul Kim and Mr. Johnnie Yuen. Kudos to the HKUST Office of Knowledge Transfer for hosting this wonderful event!!! 

HKUST Start-up Showcase 2022:

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