Artificial Intelligence in Construction

Constructible published an excellent article about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can benefit the construction industry. As the construction industry is projected to keep growing for several years, companies are focusing on implementing AI-based solutions. AI technologies are capable to solve the biggest challenges of the construction industry: cost/schedule overruns, labor shortage, and more importantly, safety. 

The article mentioned that one of the major contributions of AI to the industry is to ensure safety on site. The construction industry’s fatality rates are five times higher than other labor industries. Hence, safety in construction has always been prioritized. AutoSafe provides AI-based solutions specialized for construction safety. Our solution can be easily installed on the existing CCTV system on construction sites. Using computer vision, AutoSafe AI can detect workers that are in danger and immediately alert the workers to prevent any accidents towards them. We believe that safety is the foundation of a construction project, and AutoSafe solution is here to ensure that. 

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